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Wafa Sider
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The leather industry is an ancient industrial sector, which produces a wide range of goods such as shoes, bags, and leather clothing. Wafaa Sidr is one of the few people who work in the craft of making natural leather, as a chemical engineer worked in her field for eight years, after which she decided, because of her love for handicrafts in general, and for natural leather in particular, to start her own project in the field of leather industries, until She has a source of income to support herself and her child.

Wafaa started learning by bringing natural leather from Hebron through her relatives who own natural leather tanneries, where she used to manufacture different pieces in various shapes from natural leather until she could master this craft at the highest levels.

Wafaa dealt with nearly eight platforms to publish her work, but all of them failed, because these platforms are not specialized in a specific category of business, so she joined the CRAFT MARKET platform specialized in the field of handicrafts, and she places all hopes on her for the success of her project and the continuation of her income.