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Saja Ibrahim
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Forty-year-old Saja Mehyar, who lives in the city of Salt, started learning crochet through art classes during her primary school years, and education was limited to producing small pieces of art made with the art of crochet.

Saja continued to practice the craft of crochet during the summer vacation, and she remembers that out of her love for crochet, she decided that her university studies would be in a field close to her love for this craft, so she chose to study fashion design, as she says that this study added a special imprint on her hobby, and worked on refining And the development of this hobby until she became a certified trainer in this field by many institutions, such as the “Eradah” Foundation to support projects, and the Emaar Al-Salt Foundation, where she obtained a certificate (craft product) from the Emaar Al-Salt Foundation, and trained many community women in several crafts and several levels.

Saja mentions that her experience touched on a woman's need to systematically introduce the craft of crochet, so she wrote a book on crochet in two parts: Beginner and Advanced to facilitate those who want to learn this craft. After all the successes, achievements and products that she has achieved, Saja says that she likes to focus on increasing the sales of her products, so she joined CRAFTS MARKET, the first and unique platform in Jordan, as she considers it a key to many opportunities locally and globally, hoping to reach global markets through this platform. .