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Asaad Daheer
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In recent years, industries based on the use of natural and artificial leather have developed greatly, and the Jordanian environment is rich in many leather materials that can be economically exploited and employed in many leather industries products. During the Corona pandemic, the artist Asaad Al-Zaher lost his basic work, and he is the head of a family of four members, so he was forced to search for a source of income that could provide the family’s requirements and needs, and he turned to the Internet to search for a craft to learn, and he liked the method of making leather wallets manually after watching many educational videos in this field, And indeed, he went to the nearest store specialized in selling basic materials for this industry and bought the basic tools and then began to work by applying the techniques he had learned. He was surprised by the good level he offers and worked to develop himself more and more, and he presented his work on social networking sites, and he received support from friends and relatives who helped him export his works to many countries outside Jordan. Asaad aspires to establish his personal project and employ unemployed youth by teaching them this craft. He joined the CRAFTS MARKET platform to help him spread his work locally and globally and increase his sales volume, through a national platform that aims to provide all kinds of support to craftsmen from offering their products, packaging, shipping and helping them make their projects a success.