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Hussein Al-Hayek
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Since his childhood, the artist Hussein Al-Hayek was fond of art in general and wood carving in particular, due to his father's attachment to this type of art and his practice of it, Where he was always asking about matters of wood carving and matters of color composition and how to paint them after completing any piece, and his father always encouraged him to be a connoisseur of arts and aesthetics, so his father bought him sculpture tools as a kind of encouragement and development of that talent in him, where he began training on Engraving on wood and trying to form models with various shapes and designs, and insisting on success and exerting a lot of effort and focus, he was able in a short period of time to master this type of art, as his father was the first and main supporter of him in continuing his creativity. After passing high school, Hussein joined the Jordanian Armed Forces, and his military service did not prevent him from practicing what he loves in art, as he continued to carve on wood and was able to make many wonderful sculptures. After retiring from work, he devoted himself completely to his hobby, and decided to turn it into a craft that would help him in improving his economic situation and facing the constant rise in prices. And he did several works and they were sold, but from a narrow scope to people close to him, because he did not have enough experience in the field of marketing. Hussein decided to share his work through the CRAFTS MARKET platform, because of his knowledge of the importance of marketing in the success of any project or artwork, He finds joining this platform a golden opportunity that will increase his customer base and sales volume, which encourages him to continue to be creative in designing and presenting everything new in the world of wood carvings and coloring.