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Aisha Khawaja
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Jordan in Thought and Conscience - A painting from my homeland, an identity, and a gift: It is a creative art project that embodies the distinctive features of cities, sites, and cultural, historical, tourist, and natural aesthetic scenes in Jordan. Each hand-drawn piece of art forms a masterpiece in this project and aspires to show the beauty and distinction of the ordinary, to reveal its precious treasures in the history of the nation.

The artistic and cultural idea of ​​the artist’s project, Aisha Khawaja, which she called (Jordan in Thought and Conscience - a painting from my homeland, an identity, and a gift), was not new to her when the artist and her two creative daughters Mays and Zain Al-Razem decided to publish and promote it globally, She gives it the status of a national tourism and cultural project under this title, and the Jordanian Minister of Culture even called her project “Creativity of Cultural Industries” and considers it one of the most important projects related to the dissemination of the art and culture industry to promote the homeland in the world. The project did not come suddenly, but rather lived her life and gradually developed in her family during the childhood years of her daughters and sons in the air bases in which they lived. Her children used to draw the planes flying in the sky of the homeland, and on many days her children would witness the air games and acrobatics of the pilots and their father, and greet the air eagles after landing, then they gift them their drawings.

Her eldest daughter, the engineer Mais, imbibed the talent of creativity and accuracy of drawing when she was young. Where she used to draw scenes for the pilots after landing, wearing the helmet and special hoses hanging from the oxygen device, then she gave them to them and was hung in the Pilots Club, Where the seed of a visual eye and a supernatural mentality was formed in Mays as a child, and the sweetest surprise was that she began to rummage through her small hands in magazines and tourist brochures with her mother, through slides that we display on the base as a kind of promotion through a projector, and so it was called Tourism with Slides in the eighties, and she was surprised that she and her younger sister Reem started asking for cardboard and colors, and painting Petra and the Roman theater in the capital Amman with their soft hands.

Aisha the mother was the owner of a pen and had an instinctive commitment to drawing, and she never skimped on spreading the light of creativity in the family’s environment in the field of art, Where the talent in art in the career of Mais and Zain accompanied science and excellence and did not leave them during university studies and high academic achievement. So the performing and creative giving and international and national presence did not stop in the world of creativity and participation in exhibitions, festivals, and conferences. They went on with passion and development of ideas, publishing hundreds of artworks of their three in museums in the country and abroad, thus establishing a special identity and imprint for each of them.

They also used when they traveled to any country for an honoring conference or participation, to carry with them miniatures of Mais and Zain paintings in the form of shields, representing tourist, cultural, and heritage sites, to present them as an exchange of luxury gifts, to the extent that on some international occasions, they find their national gifts present in the institutions and offices of senior officials and Ministers of Culture in the world.

From here the story of the project (Jordan in Thought and Conscience) developed. There is no doubt that the dream of creating (a creative promotional block for the homeland) accompanied them with a message of loyalty to the homeland through the world of art and well-defined promotion, as these paintings deal with the greatness of history, civilization, and architecture, which has been accompanying their activities and creative cultural works. And it continued with them on the journey, and it kept tempting them and occupying a space in their dream to produce and invent a project that she calls: (Jordan in Thought and Conscience - a painting from my homeland, an identity, and a gift).

Before her marriage to the fighter pilot Jibril Al-Razem,  Aisha wrote in Al-Dustour newspaper and published articles and short stories as well as poems, and she accompanied some of her poems with expressions by drawing, In addition to involving her children from an early age in the creative life that carries her message in the cultural arena. After her marriage, she moved to live in the air bases from 1975 until 1995, where the conditions of her family life and her way of living were different and unique in the days during childhood and growth of her children, which made the pen that was distinguished and committed to carrying it to write poetry and articles breathing in the clear ink and strong line and made A feather of color accompanies writing and rises with the radiance of seriousness. The surrounding private and social family life, which she lived in air bases by virtue of her husband’s profession as a fighter pilot, squadron commander, air base commander, and combat pilot trainer, was a wonder that could not be easily imagined with the size of love for the homeland, patience and endurance in the mind and heart of any human being.

As the creators of the project (Mays, Zain, and the mother with them) began, the lines of the message of literature, poetry, and art continued with Mother Aisha, the author of literary and poetic literature, who was honored by naming a street in her name with the world's leading poets in Turkey in 2007, this creative process accompanied the rise of the tree of art and excellence among Architect Mays and artist Zain.

Therefore, the three creators of the Phoenix Al-Nahed Art Gallery decided to wipe the dust from wonderful treasures of value in Jordan and form from them multiple artistic paintings, which are handcrafted with the three-dimensional technique and drawn with oil or acrylic on carved and engraved wood, followed by the splendor of the decoration, which is formed from this creativity and painstaking and costly effort a masterpiece of exquisite execution, beauty, and technical richness.

The journey of the three creators was also recorded, a continuous group of art exhibitions in Jordan, Arab countries, and some countries of the world, starting with the constant and uninterrupted presence in the world of fine art exhibitions, and presenting the new with a special imprint, for each creator in this story in painting, mural, sculpture, and engraving, which engraved these three names in the pages of memory and luminous personal bios, during which prizes were won, honoring and appreciation positions, and an influential presence in the world of art and creativity.

The artist Aisha wants to increase her success, so she decided to share her work through the CRAFTS MARKET platform, which aims to preserve the Jordanian heritage through the artworks and handicrafts of creative artists in this field, and to convey the creativity of Jordanian youth to all world.