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Arwa Majali
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Jordanian women in various fields, especially artistic, remain radiant with their creativity and ability to distinguish, confirming that describing golden fingertips is not the preserve of men. Thus, the creator, Arwa Al-Majali, succeeded in making accessories from “ceramic” dough, which she makes in her home, where she forms the most wonderful paintings, chains, and accessories of bright colors of her design. While working as a teacher of the Islamic education curriculum in a school, Arwa was participating in curricular activities and in the field of arts, where she was passionate and a lover of art since her childhood, She also received the Outstanding Teacher Award in the Kingdom. After her retirement, Arwa decided to take advantage of her great free time and try to take advantage of her artistic hobby and turn it into a source of income that helps her with the increasing expenses of daily life. She implemented many distinctive accessories, worked to recycle them from time to time to suit fashion, and worked on diversity and not being restricted to accessories only, so she made home decorations such as paintings using the art of Russian rose carving, in various shapes in a variety of shapes and colors. Arwa works to follow up on everything new in the world of handicrafts and makes a lot of effort to develop herself and improve her living conditions, as she found that joining the CRAFTS MARKET platform will be one of the most important reasons for her success and the success of her project, through a platform that aims to provide all Marketing services for creative people in the field of handicrafts, and it publishes their work and delivers it to all parts of the world, with a non-profit purpose.