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Baraa Hindawi
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When instinct is the one who leads you to a hobby or a job that you see in your surroundings, as happened with Baraa Hindawi, who grew up watching her father work in wood, to produce wonderful works, and for the beauty of what her father used to make, Baraa loved to innovate small antiques in her home as a kind of hobby and entertainment, but she found that her father's visitors were very impressed with her work, which encouraged her to take this hobby as a profession that she specialized in.

Baraa started developing herself and her business by merging old and modern wood with lighting, to produce the most beautiful decorations for light homes, but some obstacles stood in the way of her completion of the work such as the lack of tools needed for work in addition to the lack of a place to bring these tools.

Baraa hopes to increase her sales so that she can expand the place she works, and buy the necessary tools and equipment to develop her project. Therefore, after hearing about the CRAFT MARKET platform, she was amazed that there is such a platform in Jordan that matches the international platforms for crafts, hoping for success and achieving her goals with her. Here Dunya mentions that she gained a profession and a source of income from non-consumable materials that people consider to be of no value, as she made use of them and turned them into useful materials.