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Basema Dana
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Handmade rugs are made from ancient traditional crafts that preserve their elegance and beauty, and attract the attention of lovers of traditional heritage with the consistency of colors and the durability of the threads that weave the pieces of art and give them a beautiful luster. 

This industry was mastered by the artist, Basema Dana, as she used to sew a rug of hand-spun wool, using cattle wool and its natural colors, and sometimes colored with known colors, so that the rug was woven in various sizes and on demand.

Bassima says that after mastering this craft, she was able to produce many rugs, and then worked as a handicraft teacher at Al-Amal Center for Special Needs Education, then worked on training female students on the loom and several handicrafts at the Saudi Center for the Support of Blind People, and her love of charitable works and Volunteering, she received an honorary doctorate in voluntary and humanitarian work.

Bassima joined the CRAFTS MARKET platform to help her spread her works related to Jordanian heritage to reach the world, and at the same time help her increase sales, by delivering her products to the largest possible category.