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Diab Musallam
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When determination and insistence are mixed with art, success stories are created, and from here Diab Al-Talal’a from the city of Karak began his journey in his story from the beginning of the Corona pandemic, trying to use his free time after completing his usual work, so he started drawing on wood because it is an unconventional method, and after completing twenty painting,  he sold them, then he started developing his tools to improve the quality of his work in this field. He also developed himself by learning new ideas by watching educational videos on the YouTube platform, and then Diab began marketing his products through the Pinterest platform, where his works were accepted among fans of this type of new art.

After mastering the craft of drawing on wood in addition to his previous work in making wooden shelves and key chains, he decided to enter the field of engraving and drawing on marble, to diversify his work, which he considers a main source of income, as he learned this field with the help of his colleagues and friends who work in this craft. And now Theyab has mastered many crafts and has accomplished many products, and he needs someone to help him in marketing them due to his lack of experience in this field, so he joined the CRAFT MARKET platform, and he is confident in marketing his products and displaying them in the best way, and delivering them to those who appreciate handicrafts in the whole world.