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Dina Al-lawama
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From her love of handicrafts and shaping and merging colors, artist Dina Al-Lawama took a hobby of making accessories and decorations using resin as a craft, as she turned this passion into a business that she can benefit from financially. Dina spend a lot of hard work and commitment to be able to design beautifully made pieces, and with the support of her husband and her family and by working long hours, she was able to produce many pieces using a resin such as accessories, wall clocks, trays, keychains and decorations with high quality, As she hopes that people will appreciate the quality and the length of time it takes to design each piece, she hopes to improve her financial situation and weather tough economic conditions by selling her works better. Dina is trying to expand her client network and display her products in the local markets and through the pages of social networking sites, and it was very difficult to achieve this, so she decided to join the CRAFTS MARKET platform to help her in the process of marketing her products and works, through a team specialized in this field, where she sees that the success and development of her project will be through the services of this national platform, which aims to help artisans sell their products and develop their projects locally and globally.