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halima alshishani
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Halima al-shishani , a manual and craft skills trainer from Jordan She has artistic inclinations since childhood and skills in manual and craft work. She graduated from the College of Fine Arts, and worked as an art teacher in schools and the Islamic Scientific College for 20 years.

After that, she continued her career by working with international organizations, charitable societies, and the Al-Irada Center, by conducting training courses and professional workshops in various parts of the Kingdom on various types of arts, with the aim of helping them to become self-reliant in different areas of life, by creating small production projects of their own, so that they provide Job opportunities and help them improve their income and standard of living.

These courses include: all kinds of drawing on glass and pottery, hammering on copper, making various types of accessories, and soap making.

After that, she continued her journey by working with local associations, institutions, and international organizations, such as: the Irada Center, the Save the Children Foundation, where she conducted several training courses with them, and to this day, she is still on this path with the aim of leaving a beautiful mark and changing the dreams of the people of society for the better.