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Hind Abu Hezaim
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Being a wife and a mother of four lovely children, Hind wanted to spend her free time doing something she was passionate about – crafts, especially crafts that are made from reusable materials and resources. Since her current address is Mahhes, an area between Amman and Al-Salt, she has always been surrounded by oak trees. That’s when the idea of crafting items from wood, sparked. Every once in a while, Hind would collect the wood around her neighborhood and would go back home and begin crafting pieces. She began crafting wooden keychains with unique designs. Then, Hind wanted to benefit from the different skills she had to offer her customers a variety of handcrafted items by starting a trendy fashion line with embroidered patterns that resonate with the Middle Eastern culture. Fortunately, Hind started to have more and more customers with custom-made orders. With time, Hind began generating an income that supported herself and her children, but she’s hoping for further developments and growth.


By joining Crafts Market, Hind believes that this international platform will grant her extraordinary opportunities to grow her business, learn different marketing and selling techniques, and meet a group of different craftspeople who have similar motivations and inspirations as hers.