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Aisha Al-Omari
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From an angelic work as a nurse to a beautiful artistic hobby such as resin and mix media, the content of the story begins with the artist Aisha Al-Omari, who continued in her angelic work for fifteen years, until she decided to pursue her passion and hobby in interior design, which bad luck prevented her from studying , so she started working on interior design using resin and mix media, but she was facing difficulty because she did not have the foundations of the craft , so she resorted to foreign websites on the Internet and followed up educational courses until she became a professional making resin and mix media panels, and her works became highly professional that she could rely on as a source of income for her to compensate her for her work as a nurse that she left for her passion.

One of the difficulties in this craft is the lack of tools and materials used that help in the work, so Aisha decided to help the owners of this craft by providing these tools by taking an agency for the requirements of this craft in her area and providing them to its makers.

Aisha tried hard to spread this craft and her works, and by chance, and while searching for a way to market and sell her products, she got to know the CRAFT MARKET platform as the appropriate platform for the services it provides of photographing and describing products and working on marketing locally and internationally, hoping that this platform will be a reason In the enlargement of her project, which she started.