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Ata Mohammad
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Petra, the pink city that is adorned with the most beautiful decorations, monuments, and mosaics , is considered the love story of the young man, Atta Abu Al-Ghanm, who loved everything that is heritage and old, and one of the things he loved most was mosaic and its manufacture, but he did not have the opportunity to learn and experience work in this field, because in his opinion, the conditions of work and life have kept him away from what he loves.

His desire to work in the field of mosaic remained until he retired from the army, and here Atta's journey began to learn how to make mosaic works, which he loved since his childhood and kept wandering in his mind, as he learned from his friends and some craftsmen and through the Internet how to manufacture mosaics until he mastered This type of industry, and he made some antiques and mosaics, and after mastering the work, he opened a workshop that manufactures and trains people interested in this field, and Atta says that he is fully prepared to train anyone who loves this craft.

Atta mentions that despite the difficulties he faced during the Corona pandemic, God blessed him with the success of his workshop at that time, as he now owns many paintings and mosaic works, and he hopes to be able to sell them by joining the CRAFT MARKET platform, as he considers it the gateway to success that he was always looking for it.