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Ahmad Khazaali
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The leather industry is considered one of the oldest industries and handicrafts known to mankind, as it paralleled the existence of livestock, camels, and cows that man acquired and kept taking care of and cared for, whether in the deserts or the villages, in addition to the urgent need of people to take advantage of leather to preserve their food and drink, and to complete their clothes and creating what their children are carried in, their needs are stored and their homes and tools are decorated with it, and other tremendous uses that enter into all the details of their lives.

Ahmed Al-Khazali is one of the few who works in the craft leather industry in the city of Ramtha in the north of Jordan, where he chose the craft of leather because of his great love for everything natural made by God, as he loved natural leather and works made of leather, so he decided to rely on himself to learn these craft, and takes it as a source of income for him. His beginning was by watching many educational videos on the YouTube platform and websites specialized in manufacturing this type of business, but his financial circumstances did not help him in buying pieces of leather so that he could train on them, so he bought some pieces of leather from the used clothes market and trained on them until he was able to master this craft, Then he sold some of his personal belongings which was valued to him to buy the necessary materials and tools to help him start his own project, as he used to spend hours thinking about the piece that he would produce, and implement it carefully, accurately and effort, to turn into a distinctive piece that attracts the attention of customers, so Ahmed worked on developing himself, and he had a different vision and thought, as he decided that his personality should be independent and distinguished by his works from other craftsmen.

Ahmed seeks to expand his business and increase his sales volume, so he enthusiastically turned to the CRAFTS MARKET platform, to be the first supporter in developing his business and project, by providing all free services aimed at helping craftsmen in the process of marketing their products to the largest number of customers locally and globally.