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Dalal Abu Shashiah
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The art of embroidery is considered one of the Palestinian and Jordanian folk arts inherited through generations, which developed over time into a craft. It became a source of livelihood for a large group of women in Palestine and Jordan. It has characteristics that are compatible with the social and economic environment of the community. This development was accompanied by the creation of new models with high aesthetic values inspired by the originality of this craft. Palestinian and Jordanian women, especially rural women, were distinguished for their mastery of the art of embroidery. so I used it in many areas of life; As she decorated her house, her dress, and her special tools with it; Its drawings, decorations, and colors are inspired by the nature of its country and its local environment. Therefore, we see that embroidery differs from one region to another in coordinating colors and graphics. Each geographical area has its elements, components, and decorative formations derived from and appropriate to it.

The artist "Dalal Abu Shashiyya" learned embroidery from her mother and practiced it for thirty years. In the beginning, she worked in the public sector for some fashion houses, where she felt that she was being wronged and underappreciated. From here, it was a turning point for starting a project of her own that she would be able to develop herself with.

The craftswoman, Dalal Abu Shashiyya, participated in several bazaars, exhibitions, and educational courses that helped her lay the foundation for her work and the ability to sell her pieces to a larger segment of customers who praised and admired her work. With her effort and love for embroidery, she was able to build trust between her and the customers because of their knowledge of the luxury and accuracy of the pieces that she embroiders.

The driving point for this wonderful craftsmanship was her dream of educating her children, and this is what she was able to achieve despite the difficulties. Her hard work over the past years has paid off as she influenced her surrounding community and contributed to creating job opportunities for women from their homes. Exhibitions communicate with her to display her pieces due to the high approval of her embroideries, which led her to meet the princess. Basma Bint Al Hussein, who helped support her.

Dalal Abu Shashiyeh hopes to be a distinguished imprint in the world of embroideries, as she aspires to spread and preserve the ancient art of Jordanian and Palestinian embroidery, and from here Crafts Market had the primary role to help her by selling and promoting her work.