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Khawla Khader
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The art of decoupage or the art of decorating is the art of using old paper to make artistic paintings, which were used in the past to decorate lanterns, windows, boxes, and others. Its use spread through trade to be combined with other arts in the seventeenth, and eighteenth tenth centuries, such as sculpture arts On wood, where prominent frames are carved, and the picture is placed in the middle using the art of decoupage. This type of art spread in the past as the art of the poor because people used it to decorate old furniture in homes by placing clippings on the furniture and painting them with varnish. The art of decoupage is somewhat easy, as it can Use simple and old materials to obtain a beautiful painting, and transform old pieces and renew them with a new look, for any piece that you may think of renewing, which acquires an artistic appearance similar to other handicrafts, and can be applied to various surfaces, whether wood, cardboard, or metal, or pottery.

It did not occur to the craftswoman Khawla Khader, that she would be one of the craftsmen one day, as she had been working for a long time in the banking sector, completely far from anything crafty. And when she decided to leave her job and settle in the house, boredom, and emptiness crowded out to fill her day. But Khawla takes the initiative to invest the treasure in her hands which is "Time", What she has in her hands is time, so she learned the art of decoupage, which she got to know through the means of social media. Her failure to implement beautiful pieces was not frustrating for her but was a catalyst for her learning more and continuous training to reach the stage of mastery. This stage was in 2015, and now Khawla She is one of the creators in this field, whose pieces stand out in any bazaar or exhibition she participates in, and which were admired by people who bought her pieces, which motivates her continuation and her dream of expanding more in the local market, as she always tries to be proactive with her designs and not be limited to specific designs, There is no limit to creativity when the sky is your limit.

And because the goal according to Khawla must be achieved, she joined the Crafts Market platform, which is concerned with supporting handicrafts and artisans, and contributes to supporting artists and craftsmen and contributes to taking responsibility for photographing, promoting and delivering their pieces without any financial compensation in order to support handicrafts, and expand the segment Target customers locally and globally