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Luma Al-Shoushi
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After graduating from Hashemite University with a major in Psychology, Lama Al-Shoushi worked in the field of non-profit organizations for nearly eight years. After the end of the project she was working on, Lama decided to find another source of income for her instead of sitting at home without work.

She followed her passion and love for making handicrafts, which was a hobby for her in her childhood, where she learned through Internet sites how to make products using clay, but her beginning was weak, limited to making cups and flower pots, where she did not find success at the time. However, in her determination to learn from her mistakes, Lama tried to find other ideas for using clay, so she turned to make some accessories from clay, which were well received by many customers, so she worked to develop herself in this field and worked hard until she was able to perfect her work in a short time.

Lama owns a sale page on the Facebook platform, but due to her lack of experience in marketing, she searched for a place where she publishes her work other than Facebook, and that by joining the CRAFT MARKET platform, which is considered a unique platform in the Kingdom in providing promotion services for handmade products with a purpose other than For profit, to support young people in developing their businesses and projects.