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Muna Azmi
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The artist Mona Abdel Hadi is unique in making distinctive pieces made of concrete and marble, where, through her university studies, Mona decided to take advantage of what she learned in this field, and start her business designing antiques and unique pieces, for those who love excellence in acquiring decorations to their home and office.

Mona started working on her project about three years ago, and her goal was to produce elegant and unusual works, in order to gain fame in this craft, and be able to sell her works, and indeed she managed to attract the attention of many people through her elaborate and exotic concrete pieces at the same time, which was popular among fans of this type of fine arts.

Mona believes that the CRAFTS MARKET platform represents a good opportunity to expand her business, by carrying out the marketing process for this business with all professionalism, and by publishing her distinctive pieces in a modern way locally and globally until she reaches success.