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Niran Shweihat
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Mandela, or the so-called art of joy, is one of the arts available to everyone, as it does not require study or artistic talent. It is a circle in which circles and various geometric shapes are repeated, the deeper the artist goes in his circle, the more he reaches concentration and deep inner calm. As you will feel a strong attraction between the artist and his circle, attracting his eyes, heart and thought, as happened with the artist Niran Shuwaihat, the civil engineer who started drawing the art of Mandela in the traditional form, and was passionate and happy with her drawings, where she received support from family and friends, which encourage her to display her products in exhibitions and bazaars for those interested in this art.

Upon her success in this art, the artist Niran started painting  with the art of dotting on stones, and then on wood, home decorations and jewelry, and she mentions that her works make her feel happy and rid her of negative energy and help her to meditate, and this craft is a source of income for her and her family.

Niran states that she will continue to improve her skills in the crafts that she masters, and may one day start training this art for students.

The artist Niran adds that her joining the CRAFTS MARKET platform, is a step that she will have as an opportunity to deliver her products to people all over the world, and she is excited about the journey that she will experience with this unique global platform in Jordan, and she is sure that she will receive the appreciation she deserves.