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Nisreen Kreshan
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From the bride of the Red Sea, to the city of Aqaba, artist Nisreen Krishan looks at us with her wonderful works made of polymer clay.

After graduating from the university, Nisreen began looking for a job in her field of study, but she did not find what she was looking for, so she decided to join the craftsmen category, by participating in learning a training course in the field of polymer clay from one of the training centers in the city of Aqaba, so that she can establish her own business to be a major source of income for her.

She learned, trained, and excelled in this field, to the point that she used to make anything that came to her mind from clay, and she was selling her work through Facebook pages, where she says that she has many followers interested in this field of arts, but she was facing a problem of marketing outside the Kingdom and shipping products to her customers abroad, until she saw an advertisement for the CRAFT MARKET platform to develop capabilities and support craftsmen, by displaying their products, selling and marketing them to the world with ease, so she decided to join this platform and she puts success through it in front of her eyes.