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Raida Al-Awamleh
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The Jordanian heritage is one of the legacies that reflect the originality and bears the fragrance of the past, the flavor of the desert and the countryside, and the memories of parents and grandparents, as the civilization of any people, cannot exist without a heritage, for heritage preserves the entity of the nation and its survival and continuity.

Like any expatriate from the homeland for long periods, the artist, Raida Al-Awamleh, carries the longing for her homeland, Jordan, among her pulsates. It has a distinctive desert and mountainous nature, and with every moment the artist's breezes were pulsating with attachment to this land, as her feet touched the soil of Jordan, hoarding freedom more than ever before.

The artist, in her exile, drew the features of her country on her clothes, which drew everyone who saw her to these places and created in them a love of curiosity and visiting Jordan, and for many years the artist was drawing nature and heritage in order to spread the Culture of what is called walking art, that is, to wear a painting on a piece of clothing or another item for people to see. The admiration of those who see these paintings on the clothes and bags that the artist draws makes her feel proud and proud that she is able to convey the beautiful picture of her homeland to everyone who is ignorant of it.

By sheer coincidence, the artist found the pioneer of the platform, Crafts Market, and decided to join it because of its power to connect craftsmen and artists and enhance their presence in the local and global market, which the artist believes is the right interface that will be the gateway to success for publishing and marketing her products.