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Rodaina Obeidat
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The red shemagh has been known for many years, as it was adorned by many young people on various occasions, and parents and grandparents are keen to wear it in summer and winter, because of the connotations that call for pride in it. Even the women are keen to cling to it, to make of it a shawl to wrap their shoulders, and they also make of it a bandana with which to tighten the head.

Among the women who loved the shemagh and its fringing is Mrs. Rodina Obeidat, who mentions that she became acquainted with the shemagh fringing craft after participating in a course to teach the art of shemagh fringing, where she loved this craft and decided to adopt it as a profession and a source of income. And she began to work in fringing the shemaghs according to her financial ability, and she participated in the bazaars to sell them, in addition to showing them to her relatives and on the Facebook platform, and customers were working to buy from her again because the quality and perfection of what she was doing.

Mrs. Redina mentions that she wants to develop her business and increase the volume of her production of the fringed shemagh, to help her husband with the university expenses of her children, so she enthusiastically joined the CRAFTS MARKET platform, to help her in marketing her business, and to reach the largest group interested in this kind of works.