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Shafaq Mustafa
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The ceramics industry is one of the expressive examples of the mechanism of managing the relationship between traditional crafts and their cultural, social, and economic dimensions, and modern industries and their development and progress. Despite of she studied chemistry at the university, the artist Shafak Arshid has always had a passion for handmade things, but she never thought of turning it into a source of income for her, as she worked as a teacher in a school, at the same time Shafak joined many programs and courses in The field of arts such as painting, wood carving, and ceramics industry, and with the passage of time and after retiring from her previous work, she decided to develop her passion in handicrafts, specifically in the field of ceramics making into a craft, where she purchased an electric oven and closet, and she started designing and creating a selection of handcrafted ceramic items that were very popular with many interested in this type of works. Shafak believes that through the CRAFTS MARKET platform, she will get endless opportunities to highlight her business, and this platform is a reliable channel to support the outstanding talents of craftsmen in Jordan, so she is sure that the platform will not only open new doors for her, but also It will help her improve her technical skills, understand market requirements, and provide all marketing services necessary for the success of her project.