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Tasneem Hasan
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The shapes of bracelets, the methods of their designs, and the different materials used in the manufacture of bracelets, and what distinguishes bracelets made of crystal beads are their bright colors, where the artist Tasneem Fathi was distinguished in making many hand-made bracelets using beads, and she aimed to make distinctive pieces of bracelets that give a stamp of elegance to Its owners and always admires it. Tasnim started working on designing bracelets with designs that are recognized locally so that she could enter the market and sell those designs, then she worked to develop herself by following up on bracelets offered for sale in the European market, So she was able to make friends with craftsmen in this field from Ukraine, Turkey and Germany, and indeed she was able to excel in introducing new designs that won the admiration of many girls who are looking for the acquisition of everything that is new and unique in the field of accessories. Despite the many challenges that Tasneem faced in this field, she was able, with the support of her family and friends, to overcome these difficulties and continue her creativity in making bracelets of various shapes and designs. Tasneem hopes that the customer will appreciate the time and effort spent in accomplishing her business, so she decided to join the CRAFTS MARKET platform in order to expand her business and become known not only locally, but all over the world, by taking advantage of the services provided by this national platform, which helps craft owners to reach success and develop their projects locally and internationally.