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Yasmeen Raja
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Artist Yasmine Abdullah has the talent of forming ceramics with drawing and engraving on it, a hobby and passion that has turned over time into a craft, as she makes unconventional shapes for tools and antiques that decorate many halls, offices, and homes. Yasmine started working in this field about fifteen years ago, as she was working as an employee in one of the workshops, but she realized that she was making a great effort and time to make other projects successful, so she decided to open her project, in addition to continuing to work in the workshop, so that she could face the difficult economic conditions that the country is going through, and to improve her financial situation, as she was confident in the success of her project, due to the great experience and skills she possesses to make distinctive and unique pieces using clay, as it is a suitable material for human use, through it, we can easily extract any shape we imagine. Yasmine considers that the artifact industry is one of the traditional industries that must be preserved and taught to the new generations, because It contributes to preserving and publicizing the history of the region, Where she has published her work on social media platforms, and by joining the CRAFTS MARKET platform, she aims that this platform will help her in spreading her work locally and globally and take advantage of the free marketing services provided by the platform, which contribute to the success of the projects of creative workers in the field of handmade works.